Heat transfer printing technology

Heat transfer printing technology is an emerging printing process which is just introduced abroad for about 10 years. It could be applied to ABS,PP, plastic, wood, coated metal and other products. For us,we mainly apply it to metal furniture.   

The transfer processing is processed by heat transfer machine (heating and pressing), and the beautiful pattern on the transfer film is transferred to the surface of the product. After that the ink layer is integrated with the surface of the product. Then printing effect is vivid and beautiful.

For years, without this thermal transfer printing technology,we could offer metal chairs and tables in only solid colors . Maybe both of the makers and buyers are bored with solid color things. Now this technology enable us to print patterns on metal products. Currently most of the patterns are imitation wood pattern,such as imitation oak,imitation beech and imitation walnut .  

What’s the advantage of heat transfer printed metal furniture with imitation wood pattern?

1. Cost : They look like wooden ones,but much cheaper than wooden ones.

2. Durability: They are made of metal, which is stronger than wooden ones.

3. Practicality: They are easier to be cleaned.

4. Environmental protection: They are environmentally friendly. You could have the wood look furniture without cutting trees.

There are many thermal transfer printed chairs and tables in our website. If you want to try some of them,please feel free to contact with us.